Calming Chamomile

New Classic Teabags

Calming Chamomile

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Calming Chamomile

New Classic Teabags
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  • Description
    Full of the goodness of whole flower heads to bring calm & balance to your day.

    MOOD: Calm
    COLOR: Pantone 116 C
    AROMA: Smooth, apple-like

    Steal a golden moment of calm at
  • Palate
    Aroma: Soft, smooth, and apple-like.
    Palate: Delicate and floral with lingering aftertaste.
    Notes: High health and caffeine free.
    A golden infusion to feel calm and well.
  • Ingredients
      Chamomile flowers.

      A low-growing plant which releases a fragrance reminiscent of apples, chamomile has long been planted near sickly plants to help the overall health of a garden, with overwhelmingly successful results. Having the same effects on humans, chamomile is often used as a tonic and antispasmodic.

      Probably the most popular herbal tea, Chamomile has a long history in folk medicine, dating back to ancient Egypt when it was used to treat malaria. Medieval Germans drank Chamomile tea to relieve indigestion. Chamomile has an apple-like floral taste, a sweet fragrance, and makes a gentle sedative.
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