New In — With an ethos of continous iteration and blending for tomorrow, our New In Collection explores our most recent teas reflects our commitment towards excellence & innovation.

Organic Himalayan Meadow ChamomileOrganic Himalayan Meadow Chamomile

Organic Himalayan Meadow Chamomile

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal
$31 USD
Color of BiodiversityColor of Biodiversity

Color of Biodiversity

Botanical Powder | Herbal
$37 USD
Organic Wild Himalayan Mountain TeaOrganic Wild Himalayan Mountain Tea
Giving Back

Organic Wild Himalayan Mountain Tea

Loose Leaf Tea | Green
$44 USD
Fantastic Mushroom TeaFantastic Mushroom Tea

Fantastic Mushroom Tea

Botanical Powder | Herbal
$16 USD
RUDD Barrel Aged Cabernet TeaRUDD Barrel Aged Cabernet Tea
Limited Edition

RUDD Barrel Aged Cabernet Tea

Loose Leaf Tea | White
$98 USD
The Hewitt Sisters BlendThe Hewitt Sisters Blend

The Hewitt Sisters Blend

Loose Leaf Tea | Black
$34 USD
Pacific Northwest Ballet 50th Anniversary Blendgreen loose leaf tea with Pacific Northwest Ballet

Pacific Northwest Ballet 50th Anniversary Blend

Loose Leaf Tea | Green
$33 USD

Explore new teas that are sure to leave a lasting impression. From black tea, green tea or herbal tea, these premium teas highlight our most iconic collaborations and innovative projects that TEALEAVES has worked on this year. From working with five-star hotels to create custom luxury teas to supporting micro-farmed ingredients like goji and chamomile and empowering women that grow these ingredients.

This tea collection is a reverence of the deep relationships we continue to build through our best-selling teas. A conscientious collection of the highest grade ingredients from the four corners of the world, creating unforgettable tea experiences. They reflect partnerships nurtured & harvested by decades of experience, and cultivated over centuries of love, care and commitment. Our tea blending techniques are meticulous as we continously search for the ultimate palate and nuanced complexity.

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