Best Selling Tea — Whether it's our full-bodied teas to the well-balanced aromas, these community favorites are loved by many for a reason.

Pantone Color of the YearPantone Color Of The Year 2020 – Herbal Tea from TEALEAVES
Best Seller

Pantone Color of the Year

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal
From $11 USD to $33 USD
Earl Grey Tea with LavenderLavender Earl Grey Tea
Master Blend

Lavender Earl Grey

Loose Leaf Tea | Black
From $10 USD to $83 USD
Tencha Matcha Loose Leaf Green Tea from TEALEAVESTencha Matcha

Tencha Matcha

Tea Powder | Green
From $15 USD to $164 USD
Organic Earl Grey with LavenderOrganic Earl Grey with Lavender Tea
Best Seller

Organic Earl Grey with Lavender

Signature Teabags | Black
From $19 USD to $48 USD
Mad Hatter's Loose Leaf TeaMad Hatter's Tea Party Fruity Sweet Black Tea

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Loose Leaf Tea | Black
From $10 USD to $81 USD
Pantone Collection Gift BoxPantone Collection Gift Box
Best Seller

Pantone Collection Gift Box

Signature Teabags | Assorted
$54 USD
High Caffeine Loose Leaf TeaSt Regis Tea

St. Regis Blend

Loose Leaf Tea | Black
$32 USD
Floral Jasmine Green Tea Bags from TEALEAVESFloral Jasmine Green Tea Bags from TEALEAVES

Floral Jasmine

Classic Teabags | Green
From $16 USD to $68 USD
Organic Chamomile BlossomsOrganic Chamomile Blossoms Tea – Chamomile Tea Bags from TEALEAVES

Organic Chamomile Blossoms

Signature Teabags | Herbal
From $19 USD to $50 USD
Organic English BreakfastOrganic English Breakfast

Organic English Breakfast

Signature Teabags | Black
From $19 USD to $48 USD
Organic Jasmine PearlOrganic Jasmine Pearl

Organic Jasmine Pearl

Loose Leaf Tea | White
From $15 USD to $145 USD
Vanilla Rooibos TeaVanilla Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea
Master Blend

Organic Vanilla Rooibos

Loose Leaf Tea | Rooibos
From $10 USD to $70 USD
organic green teaOrganic Pear Tree Green Tea
Master Blend

Organic Pear Tree

Loose Leaf Tea | Green
From $10 USD to $76 USD
Ginger Yuzu teaGinger Yuzu Loose Leaf tea

Ginger Yuzu

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal
From $10 USD to $73 USD
Organic PeppermintOrganic Peppermint Tea Bags
Sold out

Organic Peppermint

Signature Teabags | Herbal
From $19 USD to $48 USD

Character, Body, Aroma, Finish, Liquor.

Explore luxury teas from all over the world through the lens of our Master Blenders. From Golden Assam with its malty, full-bodied glory to the heady jasmine blossom aroma of Organic Jasmine Pearl, the best organic tea is found here. A clean finish of our Organic Health & Well Being Green is satisfying and well-rounded with Imperial Orange Pekoe's copper liquor taking you to new escapes. Our community favorite Lavender Earl Grey provides uplifting properties that bring you calm and ease — the epitome of a luxury loose leaf tea experience.

No matter the blend, TEALEAVES is the best-selling premium tea seller with expertise in blending. The blender of choice for five-star hotels and Michelin chefs worldwide, earning our unmatched reputation in blending through creating innovative blends for some of the world's best. Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy, and hotels, like the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, and Waldorf Astoria are all believers in the quality of our luxury loose leaf tea.

Our luxury loose leaf tea is a conscientious collection of the highest grade ingredients from the four corners of the world, creating unforgettable tea experiences. They reflect partnerships nurtured & harvested by decades of experience, and cultivated over centuries of love, care, and commitment. Our blending techniques are meticulous as we continuously search for the ultimate palate and nuanced complexity through our premium tea.

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