Pantone Color of the Year 2020Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal 44 reviews
From $6 USD to $22 USD
Organic Earl Grey with LavenderOrganic Earl Grey with Lavender
On sale

Organic Earl Grey with Lavender

Signature Teabags | Black 40 reviews
$14 USD - $34.20 USD ($38 USD)
Organic Chamomile BlossomsOrganic Chamomile Blossoms
On sale

Organic Chamomile Blossoms

Signature Teabags | Herbal 22 reviews
$14 USD - $34.20 USD ($38 USD)
Pantone Collection Gift BoxPantone Collection Gift Box
Best Seller

Pantone Collection Gift Box

Signature Teabags | Assortments 27 reviews
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Organic English BreakfastOrganic English Breakfast
On sale

Organic English Breakfast

Signature Teabags | Black 16 reviews
$14 USD - $34.20 USD ($38 USD)
Pantone Collection SamplerPantone Collection Sampler
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Pantone Collection Sampler

Signature Teabags | Assortments 21 reviews
$13 USD
Organic Long Life GreenOrganic Long Life Green
On sale

Organic Long Life Green

Signature Teabags | Green 21 reviews
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Peppermint Tea Bags Organic Peppermint Tea Bags
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Organic Peppermint

Signature Teabags | Herbal 18 reviews
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Organic Vanilla RooibosOrganic Vanilla Rooibos
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Organic Vanilla Rooibos

Signature Teabags | Rooibos 27 reviews
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Signature Teabags | Herbal 7 reviews
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Lavender Earl GreyLavender Earl Grey
Master Blend

Lavender Earl Grey

Loose Leaf Tea | Black 13 reviews
From $6 USD to $68 USD
On sale


Signature Teabags | Herbal 13 reviews
$14 USD - $34.20 USD ($38 USD)
Tencha MatchaTencha Matcha

Tencha Matcha

Loose Leaf Tea | Green 12 reviews
From $12 USD to $148 USD

Character, Body, Aroma, Finish, Liquor.

Walk hand in hand with our Master Blender as we explore teas from all over the world - Golden Assam in all it's malty, full-bodied glory, the heady jasmine blossom aroma of Organic Jasmine Pearl, the clean finish of Organic Health & Well Being Green, Imperial Orange Pekoe's copper liquor, and the uplifting properties of Lavender Earl Grey.

TEALEAVES became the best selling premium luxury tea seller in it's origins of blending.
We have been the blender of choice for five-star hotels and Michelin chefs worldwide since we opened our first tea room in Vancouver in 1994, earning our unmatched reputation in blending through creating innovative blends for some of the world's best: Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy, and hotels, like the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, and Waldorf Astoria.

We bring the finest teas, flowers and herbs from the four corners of the world to our blending center, and meticulously cup out each ingredient, searching for the ultimate palate and nuanced complexity. We are not concerned with matching last year’s English Breakfast. Instead, we seek to capture the best expression of terroir in a teacup.

Just like wine, the aim is not to maintain consistency over harvests, but rather to consistently re-formulate recipes. This dynamic approach to blending ensures that we are uncompromising on quality. Making the ordinary extraordinary.
From our Master Blender to your cup.

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