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Japanese Philosophy and the Ritual of the Tea Room.
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  • Ginger Peach

    The warm fuzzy feeling of ripe peaches is complemented by the zingy ginger.

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    The ultimate summer staple: a complex, classic black tea.

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Midori Kokonnatsu
The namesake in Japanese means "Green Coconut", a delightful fusion of matcha and coconut flavors.
Japanese Chado and Philosophy
Discover the Japanese tea ceremony that is Chado, a ceremony of matcha preparation.
Matcha Latte
Make the perfect matcha latte at home
Recap of SXSW 2019
Our CEO Lana Sutherland joined Microsoft Design, and Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in designing a language for inclusivity.
  • Featured blend:
    Tencha Matcha High Energy
    One of the healthiest beverages on the planet, matcha gives the drinker a long-lasting boost of energy and maximum antioxidants.
What is Matcha?
Discover the origins of one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.
Culinary and mixology artists have used our blends in their repertoire of secret ingredients for more than two decades.
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“The people at Tealeaves have brought something so very special into my life...a product harvested with care, blended with love and a ritual that allows me to savor the moment.”
barbara barry
Owner & Designer
Barbara Barry
  • We have set industry standards for our extremely high quality control processes and standards; we refuse to cut corners.
Tealeaves believes in blending not just tea, but people and ideas.
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