Discover the secrets hidden within botanical gardens and discover how they can be catalysts of brilliant solutions. The worldwide documentary launch of The Garden of Secrets is on June 27, 2019.
Featured Blends
Enter The Garden of Secrets
A botanical garden isn’t just a garden filled with plants – it is a garden of ideas. Join us at an upcoming event to be inspired by the natural world around us.
Designing a Language
Discover the Language Creator for HBO's Game of Thrones approach to making a Language of Aroma.
Foraged Funghi
Michelin-starred Chef Shaun Hergatt presents his ode to the earthy aromas of the forest floor.
Summer Screening Partner
Visit Vancouver's Telus World of Science starting June 29 to watch our latest documentary, The Garden of Secrets. Your next big idea could be hiding in the bushes.
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What are Herbals?
Tisanes and herbal infusions do not contain caffeine, so they help replenish the body of lost water, making them perfect to drink in the summer.
Culinary and mixology artists have used our blends in their repertoire of secret ingredients for more than two decades.
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“The people at Tealeaves have brought something so very special into my life...a product harvested with care, blended with love and a ritual that allows me to savor the moment.”
barbara barry
Owner & Designer
Barbara Barry
  • We have set industry standards for our extremely high quality control processes and standards; we refuse to cut corners.
Tealeaves believes in blending not just tea, but people and ideas.
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