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Teas With Benefits

Explore the plant-powered wellness of tea: your new go-to remedy.

Mother's Day event

Tea, Chocolate, and the Ballet

In celebration of Mother’s Day, sommeliers from TEALEAVES & Fran’s Chocolates, and special guests from Pacific Northwest Ballet invite you to a virtual tasting of hand-crafted teas and chocolates, paired with some enchanting story-telling, fit for the whole family.


Tencha Matcha Latte

Whisk up a Tencha Matcha latte for a delicious at-home latte treat, perfect for the spring. Smooth and creamy, this latte strikes the right balance between health and indulgence, a treat for both the mind and body.

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The Japanese Tea Ceremony

As we welcome the blossoms of spring, we delight in the artistry of Japanese tea culture with Cherry Blossom - a celebration of the transient beauty of life, nature and the culinary arts. Learn about Chadō - the Japanese matcha tea ceremony, where the confluence of tea and culture can be beautifully explored. We work to capture the moment – blending together the spirit of the season, people and ideas.


Our Cult-Favorite blend

Pantone Color of the Year Blend

TEALEAVES, Luxury Tea Blender

With deep-rooted values in craftsmanship, innovation and art & beauty, we blend techniques, stories, people, companies and ideas.

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