Our Mission

To make the world a little better, smiles a little wider and weights a little lighter.

Our Values

Root deeply in craftsmanship art & beauty and community.

Our Goal

To inspire, create and elevate so that our footprints are light but our actions are far-reaching and positively impactful.

We Are:

  • Innovators

  • Creators

  • Thought Leaders

  • Humanitarians

  • Forward Thinkers

Our Philosophy

Mastery Philosophy

Quality Blending

There are only a few tea purveyors in the world that still practice the art of blending. Blending involves fusing simple ingredients together to make a blend that is elevated into something greater than itself. We exist to keep the lost art of blending alive. Just like wine, the aim is not to maintain consistency over harvests, but to consistently re-formulate recipes.

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Modernist Philosophy

Sustainable Luxury

The richness of luxury has always been associated with money and extravagance, neglecting our consequences outside of ourselves. Richness comes from more than the idea of status, it embodies true craft and the time and knowledge in creating quality in an innovative and thought provoking way

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Ritualist Philosophy

Historic Traditions

Understanding the ancient practices of tea stems from years of learning and appreciation. The ancient ceremonies were more than a cup of tea, instead an experience that fosters connection and purpose. Embracing ancient practices into our modern world that promote a greater self and a greater world.

Discover the importance of tea culture

Founding Story:

From a five-star world to you

In 1994, TEALEAVES opened up a small loose leaf tea store in Vancouver, Canada.

We earned our unmatched reputation in blending through creating innovative blends for some of the world’s best in the five-star world, like Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy, and hotels, like the Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental.

The Ritz Carlton Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts St. Regis Hotels & Resorts Proper Conrad NY Auberge Resorts

Our teas are a conscientious collection of ingredients of the highest grade, creating unforgettable tea experiences. They reflect partnerships nurtured & harvested by decades of experience, and cultivated over centuries of love, care and commitment.

Culinary and mixology artists have used our blends in their repertoire of secret ingredients for more than two decades at competitions like Bocuse D’Or.

When exceptional hotels and chefs want exceptional teas, they turn to us.

Our Pillars


...fuels our curiosity and pushes us to learn in new ways that we didn’t know were possible. It allows us as human beings to create the basis for a better society. Our thought, intention and purpose is amplified through education.


...gives meaning to our new profound knowledge. Harnessing the information to create meaningful interactions in order to find our pursuit of happiness. Looking deeper into ourselves and examining how we have the power to make change.


...is the moment we’ve achieved our inner awareness and happiness. It’s the “WOW” moment that makes us stop and be content within ourselves and our surroundings. It’s making it to where we’ve always wanted to be.


...is bigger than ourselves. Igniting the inspiration in ourselves and encouraging others. Taking action in what we believe in. We are the advocates and forward thinkers speaking to building a better world and the steps to achieve it.

Industry Leadership & Advocacy

We believe that a truly sustainable supply chain requires deeper analysis than a mere examination of carbon footprint, investigating the lifecycle of our products, including materials, ingredients, and the resulting social and environmental impact.

We are proud to be one of the few food and beverage companies to offer fully home and backyard compostable products.

Minimizing Our Environmental Impact

Our approach to sustainability is akin to our philosophy of blending:

harnessing the richness of complexity.

Blending For a Better World

With the goal of creating the world that we envision, we blend more than tea. We blend techniques, stories, people, companies and ideas to address global challenges. Aligned with the United Nations, we work with experts to increase access to information and provide a platform for thought-leaders and innovators.