Vanilla Bean

Loose Leaf Tea | Black

A full-bodied black tea infused with the rich and smooth flavour of Madagascar vanilla beans.

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Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual



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Blending Notes
  • Aroma

    Soft, lively caramel

  • Palate

    Medium-body & sweet endnotes

  • Purpose

    A sweet indulgence


Black tea and Madagascar vanilla flavors

High Caffeine

BLEND NO. 5525


Our loose leaf is packed in tins that are recyclable and can be disposed of in your blue bin. Our tins are also food-safe and can be repurposed for many things including spices and other dried ingredients. Learn More about sustainability at TEALEAVES.

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Heady and rousing, sweet notes play the airways. Drawing days of beauty, balance and fragrant memories, time slows. Soothing and softening, a quiet comfort calms racing thoughts.

About This Blend

Aromatic Madagascar vanilla bean is known for its rich, creamy taste and sweet, buttery aroma. Pure indulgence in a cup - vanilla plants need to be nurtured for three to four years before bearing pods. The flowers bloom once a year for 24 hours and must be immediately pollinated. In Mexico this was done by bees, but in Madagascar, vanilla plants must be fertilized by hand. Once pollinated, a flower produces green beans within two months; the signature vanilla scent swaddled inside thousands of tiny black seeds and an oily film. As soon as the beans are picked, they begin to ferment, therefore time is of the essence in getting the beans from grower to market.


1 Tsp


8 oz




2-3 Min

Your FAQs, Answered
For Vanilla Bean

As this is a black tea, it is a great morning or afternoon pick me up.

Our Master Blenders infuse tea leaves with the natural flavoring created by Madagascar Vanilla Bean.

Just like teas and wine, vanilla bean varieties are often named for the regions that they are grown in. French vanilla, however, is an ice cream reference, and not representative of vanilla beans that grow in France. Madagascar vanilla beans, on the other hand, are considered to be the highest quality vanilla bean, and are grown on the island of Madagascar, the world's top producer of vanilla.

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