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The original paper tea bags that quickly became a favorite when we first launched them over two decades ago, and therefore we continue to blend and pack them to this day (to avoid the predictable uproar if we didn't!). Whole leaves, cut for sublime infusion, in a double chambered tea bag made of paper, perfectly full flavored for an 8 oz cup.
The selection covers a range of teas that quickly became popular with our hotel clients around the world - English Breakfast and Imperial Earl Grey, Health & Well Being Green, Chamomile Flowers and Peppermint Leaves. For Decaf lovers, our Decaf English Breakfast paper tea bag provides the traditional strength of the tea without the added caffeine, using a supercritical C02 decaffeination process. Mountain Berry, Harmony, and Pear Tree Green quickly found their place in the teabox as well, becoming a favorite amongst Chefs and Mixologists alike for their bold aroma, color, and flavor in the cup (Mountain Berry's cabernet red, to Pear Tree's glassy green, and the golden honey hue of Harmony). When convenience and cost is key, TEALEAVES Paper Teabags set the bar for a full flavored teabag experience.

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