Organic Jasmine PearlOrganic Jasmine Pearl

Organic Jasmine Pearl

Loose Leaf Tea | White 10 reviews
From $13 USD to $133 USD
White BlossomWhite Blossom

White Blossom

Loose Leaf Tea | White 1 review
$36 USD
Organic Emperor's JasmineOrganic Emperor's Jasmine

Organic Emperor's Jasmine

Loose Leaf Tea | White 1 review
From $54 USD to $133 USD
Silver LeafSilver Leaf

Silver Leaf

Loose Leaf Tea | White 2 reviews
$43 USD
White Tea

Unfermented, young tea leaves.
Originally harvested from wild tea bushes, white tea was discovered by ancient tea connoisseurs who were always on the lookout for the ultimate tea. They found that the immature buds had the most delicate flavor.

Loose Leaf White Tea is closest to its natural form as it is not oxidated, rolled, or torn like other teas. Therefore it is thought to contain the most antioxidants of any teas, as well as a slightly higher level of catechin (a polyphenol antioxidant). Premium White Tea also contains high levels of the amino acid theanine, which is prized for its relaxation and mood enhancing properties. Aromatically ranging from soft floral notes to golden blossoms, and with a light, exquisite complexity on the palate, white tea is best contemplated on its own.
Ideally first thing in the morning, when your palate is fresh, and your dreams are journaled.

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