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We earned our unmatched reputation by creating innovative blends for some of the world’s best in the five-star world, such as our close friend, Chef Shaun Hergatt. We partnered with Chef Shaun to create Timeless, a custom blend that was inspired by the elegance, simplicity, yet complex nature of his cooking.

Pacific Northwest Ballet 50th Anniversary BlendPacific Northwest Ballet 50th Anniversary Blend

Pacific Northwest Ballet 50th Anniversary Blend

Loose Leaf Tea | Green
$31 USD
Sleep & Ease Gift SetSleep & Ease Gift Set

Sleep & Ease Gift Set

Loose Leaf | Assorted
$51 USD
Iconic Classics Gift SetIconic Classics Gift Set

Iconic Classics Gift Set

Loose Leaf | Assorted
$51 USD
Organic Himalayan Meadow ChamomileOrganic Himalayan Meadow Chamomile

Organic Himalayan Meadow Chamomile

Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal
$30 USD
Soothing Serenity Gift SetSoothing Serenity Gift Set

Soothing Serenity Gift Set

Loose Leaf | Assorted
$51 USD
The Hewitt Sisters BlendThe Hewitt Sisters Blend

The Hewitt Sisters Blend

Loose Leaf Tea | Black
$34 USD

From the misty mountains of the Wuyi cliffs to Darjeeling’s land of the thunderbolts, we relentlessly pursue only those leaves of extraordinary taste. Using a variety of key metrics, we ensure that we create only the finest cup.

How are TEALEAVES teas different?
Complex Character.
Substantive Body.
Intoxicating Aroma.
Complimentary Finish.
Bright, lustrous liquor.
100% natural ingredients International third party testing for herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and leads, so you know exactly what's in your cup, be it our organic loose leaf tea or the tea in our premium tea bags and home compostable sustainable sachets, all bespoke blended by our Master Blenders for your sipping pleasure.

Depending on time of day, your mood, the purpose, or occasion, whether you are a tea novice or tea connoisseur, when it comes to choosing a premium tea, there are endless possibilit-teas with TEALEAVES teas. White, Green, Oolong, Black, Botanicals, Herbals, Tisanes.

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