The Ultimate Summer Escape: Discover Iced Teas From Around The World!

Discover how to enjoy a chilled glass of iced tea around the globe!

It’s hard to deny the allure of a perfectly-chilled glass of iced tea, but have you ever wondered what people are sipping around the world? Contrary to popular belief, not all iced tea is sweet tea!

From America to Taiwan, iced tea is steeped in various cultural traditions across the globe. At TEALEAVES, we blend our iced teas completely differently than hot teas. As a beverage cools, its aroma has less impact on the overall intensity of the palate. Therefore, the taste attributes of the iced blends are amplified to provide the ultimate experience for the senses.

We’ve rounded up the iced tea traditions of 4 regions to bring you some mouth-watering inspiration. Sit back and take a staycation with TEALEAVES as we tour the globe one tall glass at a time!


Transport your senses to a tropical paradise with just one sip! Creamy and fragrant, an authentic Thai Iced Tea is a combination of strong loose leaf black tea spiced with star anise, crushed tamarind, and cardamom. The brew is then sweetened with sugar and condensed milk and served over ice.

Pre-packed iced tea mix is traditionally used as a base, but we’ve got a chemical and dye-free substitute! Steep our Noir Iced Tea Sachet with star anise and cardamom before adding condensed milk and a touch of sugar. Finish by pouring it over a glass filled with ice!

iced sachets | black


In the South, two things are certain: it will always be hot and there will always be sweet tea! Known as the sweet tea region of the world, Southern Iced Tea is steeped in hot water, sweetened with sugar, and served over ice, typically garnished with lemon slices. Make your own pitcher with our Juicy Mango Peach Iced Sachets! Reminiscent of a Georgia summer, escape to a front porch swing and savor the sweet taste of juicy peaches and ripe mangoes.

Looking to add a little extra kick? Try a TEALEAVES twist on the classic New England and Long Island Iced Tea with our Black and Blue Arnold. A grown-up rendition of lemonade, this tea cocktail is the perfect end to a summer night!

iced sachets | black


It just wouldn’t be iced tea season without bubble tea! Known as the bubble tea region of the world, Taiwan is home to the sweet and refreshing treat. Traditional bubble tea is made with chewy tapioca pearls that are poured into a glass of iced, sweetened tea. Today, oftentimes the ingredients used are not of the highest standard—from low quality tea using artificial creamers, corn syrups, and the dust and fannings of the tea leaf, to powdered and artificial flavor.

Looking to make your own Bubble Tea at home? We created the ultimate bubble tea blend in collaboration with five-star chefs. Skip the fake flavors with our Lychee Passionfruit Bubble Tea Black Blend. Made with the highest quality of ingredients, this blend is the perfect tea base, just add boba!

loose leaf tea | black


Drink like an Egyptian with this cold hibiscus iced tea brew! Nothing keeps you quite as refreshed in Egypt’s scorching temperatures as a glass of Karkadeh. This tangy, sweet, and naturally hydrating iced beverage has been used in Egytian homes for centuries.

Make it at your own home with TEALEAVES’s Berrylicious Iced Sachets. Simply brew a perfect pitcher and add a splash of agave!

iced sachets | herbal


Travel to the cobblestone streets of Sicily and enjoy traditional iced tea with a sparkling twist! Italian sodas are are lightly sweet, thirst quenching, and bursting with flavor.

Skip the store-bought concentrates and make your own at home! Simply make a DIY tea sugar syrup, pour over ice, and finish with soda water. Try it with our Precocious Passionfruit Vanilla for a splash of sweetness. Add mixing cream into the drink for your very own "Cremosa"!

iced sachets | Black

Sip for yourself and discover iced teas from around the world!

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