Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

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Fluffy puffs of pink petals draw dreamy eyes skyward. Soft sweetness pervades the air while earthly cares drift way on clouds of delicate delight.

Blending Notes

AROMA: Mildly grassy & cherry
PALATE: Supple, well-balanced
PURPOSE: Savor fleeting moments

Grassy Japanese Sencha green tea lightly infused with sweet candied cherry.


Estate grade hand-picked green tea, natural cherry flavor, and blossoms

BLEND NO. 7417

As spring awakens, delicate pink and white cherry blossoms begin to bloom. The flourishing of these blossoms is exquisite, yet ephemeral; a fleeting moment in time.

Beginning as early as the Nara period (AD 710-794), Hanami has been the longstanding Japanese tradition of viewing the cherry blossoms at their peak. Historically a celebration of the arts, these festivities brought aristocrats, poets and musicians together under a blanket of petals, enjoying a seasonal feast.

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