Pantone Collection Gift BoxPantone Collection Gift Box
Sold out

Pantone Collection Gift Box

Signature Teabags | Assorted 38 reviews
$43 USD
Pantone Collection SamplerPantone Collection Sampler
Sold out

Pantone Collection Sampler

Signature Teabags | Assortments 23 reviews
$13 USD
Jetlag Therapy KitJetlag Therapy Kit

Jetlag Therapy Kit

Signature Teabags | Assortments 1 review
From $3.20 USD to $168 USD
Pinkies Up! KitPinkies Up! Kit

Pinkies Up! Kit

Signature Teabags | Assortments 3 reviews
From $3.20 USD to $168 USD
Lucky Envelope KitLucky Envelope Kit

Lucky Envelope Kit

Signature Teabags | Assortments 9 reviews
From $3.20 USD to $168 USD
Assorted Green Tea KitTender Loving Care Assorted Green Tea Kit

Tender Loving Care Assorted Tea Kit

Signature Teabags | Assortments 3 reviews
From $3.20 USD to $168 USD
Happily Ever After KitHappily Ever After Kit

Happily Ever After Kit

Signature Teabags | Assortments 2 reviews
From $3.20 USD to $168 USD

For gifting or finding your (new) favorites, Tea Assortments offer a palette of choice.
Create a custom tea assortment or choose from one of our popular selection tea gift kits to take the gift recipient on a journey of color, aroma, and taste. A tea assortment gift box offers you a cup of a variety of teas so that you can determine what you like, depending on the mood or occasion.

An impressive gift for the host or your boss's partner? The Pantone Collection Gift Box is already in a stunning presentation box and comes with cocktail recipes from renowned luxury hotel mixologists.
Celebrating Lunar New Year? The Lucky Envelope Kit will be sure to impress, regardless of if it's for Ox, Rooster, or Rabbit.
For those that have wanderlust, perhaps a Jetlag Therapy Kit in their stocking; Happily Ever After for the newlyweds; and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy offers a delicious, caffeine free experience for dancers young and old alike!

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