Lemon Verbena Iced Tea


Lemon Verbena Iced Tea with Berry Ice Cubes

Cool down with a lovely glass of berry and lemon.

Lemon Verbena Iced Tea is given a fruity spin with Mountain Berry tea ice cubes and sliced mint. Enjoy it with a fresh summer salad, or as the perfect palate cleanse after a meal.

Executive Chef Olivier Belliard dresses up Lemon Verbena iced tea, with Mountain Berry ice cubes each filled with fresh frozen berries, and finishing with a stick of lemongrass.

It is mild, with a bit of sweetness, and a light berry finish.

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Tea in Recipe


Tea in Recipe

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Lemon Verbena Iced Tea with Berry Ice Cubes

Servings: 1

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Lemon Verbena Iced Tea with Berry Ice Cubes

  • Berry Ice Cubes (see recipe below)
  • Lemon Verbena Iced Tea (see recipe below)

Berry Ice Cubes

Lemon Verbena Tea


Lemon Verbena Iced Tea with Berry Ice Cubes

  1. Take a tumbler glass, place 2-3 Mountain Berry ice cubes into it and gently pour the chilled Lemon Verbena tea.

Berry Ice Cubes

  1. Steep the Mountain Berry tisane, adding honey to taste, and chill.
  2. Take an ice cube tray, add raspberries and blueberries with sliced mint to each compartment, then fill them with the chilled tea.
  3. Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

Lemon Verbena Tea

  1. Steep Lemon Verbena tea with additional crushed lemongrass drum, add the honey to taste.
  2. Once infused, strain and chill.