Matcha Gift Set


Give a gift of traditional quality. Everything you need to make your matcha experience better.

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Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

Brain Fuel

Brain Fuel

Vitamins & Antioxidants

Vitamins &


Find Peace in a Teacup through the ritual of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Experience the art & beauty of Chadō, and connect to the present with this practice.

The process of making matcha can be an experience in itself that transcends your average cup of matcha. Through time and purpose, appreciating the art of Japanese ritual makes for a Matcha extraordinary than the rest.


This assortment box contains 30g of Tencha Matcha, a Golden Bamboo Chashaku (Matcha Scoop), a Golden Bamboo Chasen (Matcha Tea Whisk), and a Chasen Naoshi (Whisk Holder).

NO. 2366


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