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Creating the Universal Language for Aroma

Why is it so difficult to articulate what we are smelling?

The Art: Right Brain

“Aroma is a powerful trigger of memory; a brief whiff can create vivid, potent images in our mind, associated with a confluence of recollections.” - Lana Sutherland | CEO, TEALEAVES

Exploring the relationship between aroma and mood, each blend is crafted in homage to a unique scent memory. The mood of Calming Chamomile is Calm.

The Science: Left Brain

Utilizing headspace gas chromatography to index scent molecules in our blends, and applying Microsoft's Principles of Inclusive Design to create codified data visualization, we created the first iteration of the Language of Aroma.

Discover our right and left-brained approach to articulate this ever elusive sense:

Our Classic teabags use a renewable and sustainable material called Polyactic Acid (PLA), made from corn starch. 

With 11 varietals to choose from, we hope you find peace in a teacup.

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Nora M.
United States United States
Very soothing! Worth every penny!

Have tried chamomile from almost everywhere and this is the only one I will buy again! The individual wrapped packaging makes it easy for daily use, travels, etc... The flavor is so rich! Recommend for a claiming experience!

Erick B.
United States United States
The best ever


United States United States
A nice chamomile.

Very nice. There is a soothing and naturally, mildly sweet flavor to this chamomile. I have a loose leaf organic German chamomile at home from another company, it is less flavorful and less smooth (almost bitter). In comparison, this tealeaves chamomile is noticeably smooth and sweet/flavorful. The tealeaves flavor and tea quality is superb. The packaging however could use improvement. The packaging on the individually wrapped bulk classic tea bags are compostable (I think) and as such do not look and feel as high quality on the outside as the signature tea bags. If ordering in bulk, prepare for some of your tea bags to be crinkled; the bags come in one big box and some get wrinkled. Quality of flavor and tea is still outstanding, it’s just the look.

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