How to Make Tea Simple Syrup

Tea Syrup is a truly versatile ingredient to help you inject your culinary creations with tea flavor. Create delicious tea cocktails, ice cream toppings and more with a simple tea syrup!

Step By Step 


Make a strong infusion.

Use double the amount of tea leaves to make a stronger infusion.

Use fresh, cold water for optimum flavor. Peak water condition is: low mineral, low chemical, and filtered with reverse osmosis. Heavy mineral water will render tea and herbs “flat”. Fast-flowing, glacial melt from high in the mountains during spring run-off would be the very best water for your palate.


Let it steep.

Steeping for 5-10 minutes creates a strong infusion, perfect for syrup!


Add 2 cups of sugar into a pot with the infusion.

Use 2 cups of sugar per 1 cup of water, or in this case, tea or tisane.

Heat over medium high heat until boiled. Don’t forget to stir so the sugar dissolves evenly!


Let cool.


Whip up a quick drink.

Choose any alcohol you like – our favorite to mix with tea syrups is champagne.


Treat yourself.

Before taking a sip, take a moment to appreciate the character and aroma and discover that peace can be found in a teacup!

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Favorite Blends for Tea Syrup

herbal loose leaf tea
green loose leaf tea
black loose leaf tea

Enjoy These Blends

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