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The Iced Tea Collection

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  • 2013
Ideal for anybody counting down the days until the end of winter and reminiscing about long hot summer days.

Includes: Passionfruit Vanilla, Organic Apricot Lavender, Berry
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Passionfruit Vanilla The palms wave goodbye to your cares as the crystal blue waves call you to frolic in their mirth. The sun’s rays embrace you in their warmth. Blue, green and golden colors fly past in a melodious whish saving their true serenade for sunset. You can understand why they call it paradise.

Organic Apricot Lavender The soft hum of bees drunk on heady lavender fills the air. Violet flowers punctuate the fuzzy, pale green stems and drift amongst the clouds above. A feeling of calm washes over me as I sip my freshly steeped iced. Inhaling the enchantment, I embrace the moment and for once, feel truly present.

Berry The aroma of sweet berries greets me as I walk amongst the fields. Dripping with simple, fresh flavor I give into temptation. With the ripe berries bursting in my mouth, I long for some ice to make this a truly refreshing treat. I rush home and am thankful for the icy cold pitcher of iced tea waiting for me.

How to Make Iced Tea