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Four Seasons Los Angeles Gilt Blend

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  • Heady sweet citral notes with hint of fragrant jasmine
  • Herbaceous, fresh green character with medium weight
  • High antioxidants, low caffeine and lustrous aesthetic
Gold-dusted and blended to capture the glamour of the red carpet, this green tea sparkles along with a hint of jasmine & rosemary. Initially crafted for the 49th Emmy Award Nominees at the Four Seasons Hotels Los Angeles at Beverly Hills in 2014. For limited edition release.
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Make The Perfect Cup Of

Four Seasons Los Angeles Gilt Blend

1 Tsp per
Teacup (8 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

Aptly named the Four Seasons “Gilt Blend”, we worked in collaboration with the property’s Executive Chef, Tealeaves ICON Cyrille Pannier, to create a tea of star quality, reminiscent of those who received it. With premium-grade tea leaves dusted in 24-carat gold flakes, we created an artisanal tea that sparkles in both sight and taste. The gold flakes are accented with marigold petals, and together they symbolize the preciousness and colour of the Awards.

A green tea was decided upon for its rejuvenation properties to help serve a hectic weekend. A tea best served straight, it is best complemented with the “gilt-tea” pleasure of watching oneself on TV.