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The Grey Collection

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  • 2002
Feel yourself uplifted by the intoxicating scent of bergamot and its magical infusion with black tea. Perfect for the Earl Grey lover in your life, this collection contains a selection of our Earl Grey Collection.

Includes: Flowery Earl Grey, Vanilla Earl Grey, Imperial Earl Grey
  • 3 Tin Black Gift Box


Flowery Earl Grey
Charmed by the light, floral notes and giddy from the uplifting scents of natural bergamot, you feel your body relax. The notes drifting upwards ever so gently, greeting you like a long lost friend. Fashioned after its forefather’s heritage blend, you are transported to another time. Today’s going to be another great day.

Vanilla Earl Grey
Seduced by the richness of vanilla and enticed by the soft touches of bergamot, you feel cuddled by its warm embrace. The sweetness wraps around you like a warm blanket while the classic citrus hints at more sweet times to come. You indulge yourself and add a spot of milk for a creamy delight.

Imperial Earl Grey
Sitting with the emperor, I shared a pot of tea. The tea’s beguiling fragrance induced a state of tranquility. Pleased, the emperor said “a special blend to honor our friendship. It bestows peace on those who drink it.” I knew that this was a day to be treasured. Since then, I have enjoyed many peaceful days.