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Monsoon Chai

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  • Spicy with nuanced sweetness.
  • Full-bodied with spice and some acidity.
  • High energy and high caffeine.
Authentic spices embrace exotic black tea.
Elephants speak to the exotic nature and origins of our Monsoon Chai. Authentically steeped in the complexity of hand-ground cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and pepper, this chai pays tribute to every mother’s stovetop.

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With ideal water quality, specific water temperature and steeping time, the color of this tea should be: PANTONE 7599 C
  • 50 Teabags
    200g | 7.05oz
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    48g | 1.69oz

Make The Perfect Cup Of

Monsoon Chai

1 Bag per
Two Cups (16 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

Trunks entwine, reflecting life-long bonds, while all-knowing ears fan compassionate eyes. Triumphant trumpeting echoes with the fading marsala sun.

In art, as in a cup of tea, color evokes mood. So we have collaborated with Pantone Color Institute in the design of our artwork. By uniting TEA + ART, we hope you feel EXOTIC with our Monsoon Chai.

PANTONE 205 C: "Dazzling and dynamic, this bright, vibrant pink is passionate and playful."
- Laurie Pressman | Vice-President, Pantone Color Institute

Monsoon Chai Creations from the Pantone x Tealeaves Collection:
Cocktail No. 5: The Pink Monsoon - created at The Beverly Hills Hotel
Entree No. 5: Distant Lands - created at Rosewood Cordevalle
Dessert No. 5: Le Chai - created at Juni

Chai is the most famous of beverages from India (apart from Darjeeling) and is simply the generic word for "tea" in Hindi and Punjabi. The term was later adapted by the English to become the modern "tea."

The Master Blender suggests serving this perfect blend of spices with digestive and carminative properties as an after-dinner beverage. Steep using equal parts hot water and warm milk for a classic preparation. Or try as a Chai tea latte – steep the tea in hot milk and add sugar.

Tea Cocktail No.5 ft. Monsoon Chai #PaletteForYourPalate