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  • Herbaceous.
  • Light and floral with a sweet finish.
  • High health and caffeine free.
Relax with this caffeine free, peaceful herbal.
With their keen sense of sight in darkness, owls provide the perfect guide to a relaxed state. Calming thoughts usher in hidden wisdom. Relax is enjoyed as a path to this peace, or as a gentle sleep aid.

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With ideal water quality, specific water temperature and steeping time, the color of this tea should be: PANTONE 131 CP
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    150g | 5.29oz
  • 12 Teabags
    36g | 1.27oz

Make The Perfect Cup Of


1 Bag per
Two Cups (16 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

The mind settles like soft down. Breath finds a new rhythm. Thoughts flow freely, connections made, once insurmountable problems, solved, wisdom achieved.

In art, as in a cup of tea, color evokes mood. So we have collaborated with Pantone Color Institute in the design of our artwork. By uniting TEA + ART, we hope you feel PEACEFUL with our Relax.

PANTONE 7459 C: "Eternal and enduring, this dependable and consoling blue brings a serene tranquility."
- Laurie Pressman | Vice-President, Pantone Color Institute

Relax Creations from the Pantone x Tealeaves Collection:
Cocktail No. 9: Jetlag FIzz - created at Calistoga Ranch, An Auberge Resort
Entree No. 9: Ocean Breeze - created at Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach
Dessert No. 9: The Relax Island - created at The Rittenhouse Philadephia

This herbal blend is widely treasured for the ingredients' soothing properties; the marriage of passion flowers and valerian root naturally soothe the nerves and relieve anxiety and tension, while boosting the immune system. Helps the body unwind with chamomile blossoms, french lavender, lemon balm, rose petals, and vitamin C.

Tea Cocktail No.9 ft. Relax #PaletteForYourPalate