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Organic Long Life Green

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  • Fresh with hay notes.
  • Light and refreshing.
  • High antioxidants and low caffeine.
Enlighten with anti-oxidant rich, pure green tea.
Koi have great longevity. Their graceful, circular-swim motion symbolizes that all things in life are connected and together, create balance. Antioxidant-rich Organic Long Life Green supports health and inspires balance in a fast-paced world.

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With ideal water quality, specific water temperature and steeping time, the color of this tea should be: PANTONE 123 CP
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    150g | 5.29oz
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Make The Perfect Cup Of

Organic Long Life Green

1 Bag per
Two Cups (16 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

Swirling waters shimmer with melodic movement. A ballet of color as two bodies glide by one another. Wisdom gained through a century of swims.

In art, as in a cup of tea, color evokes mood. So we have collaborated with Pantone Color Institute in the design of our artwork. By uniting TEA + ART, we hope you feel ENLIGHTENED with our Organic Long Life Green.

PANTONE 349C: "This lush green shade enhances our sense of well-being by inspiring insight and promoting harmony."
- Laurie Pressman | Vice-President, Pantone Color Institute

Organic Long Life Green Creations from the Pantone x Tealeaves Collection:
Cocktail No. 1A: Benzaiten - created at Fairmont Pacific Rim
Cocktail No. 1B: 349-C - created at The Rittenhouse Philadelphia
Cocktail No. 1C: Hyde Park Haiku - created at Mandarin Oriental, Miami
Entree No. 1: Green Meditations - created at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar
Dessert No. 1: Fall Awakening - created at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

This blend is the modern blender’s version of the famous Gunpowder tea; an an innovative attempt to harmonize the dichotomy in the green tea world. Japanese green teas, like Senchas, are steam-fired whereas oven-firing is more distinctive to the Chinese style. Due to the positive and negative features of both traditions, innovation was required to accentuate the desired profiles while off-setting bitterness. Thus, each ingredient was carefully blended to yield a balanced, complex and fresh green character while mitigating the tannins and seaweed aroma.

Tea Entrée No.1 ft. Long Life Green #PaletteForYourPalate