Tencha Matcha High Energy


Tencha Matcha High Energy

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Tencha Matcha High Energy

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  • Description
    One of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Discovered over 900 years ago, Matcha gives the drinker a long-lasting boost of energy, expanded awareness, and maximum antioxidants without the unwanted side effects typical to coffee or a sugar high.
  • Palate
    Aroma: Grassy.
    Palate: Vegetal, nori-like, umami aftertaste.
    Notes: High antioxidants and high caffeine.
  • Ingredients
      Premium 100% stone-ground Japanese Tencha Matcha green tea, grown in Kyoto.

      Matcha is a powdered green tea used in Japan's formal tea ceremony, as well as for everyday drinking pleasure and as a delicious ingredient in countless recipes.
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