Flowery Earl Grey


Flowery Earl Grey

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Flowery Earl Grey

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  • Description
    A cup of liquid sunshine - citrusy bergamot uplifts in this traditional blend hand-crafted with ceylon black tea.
  • Palate
    Aroma: Uplifting floral.
    Palate: Light and flowery.
    Notes: High energy and high caffeine.
    As a point of differentiation between the other Earl Grey blends, the Master Blender intends for this bergamot blend to reflect the concept of balance in blending. Rather than having one singular note dominate followed by a string of diffused afternotes and fragrances, the black tea base (China Keemun, touch of Yunnan, and an uncharacteristically strong Ceylon) properly harmonize with the citrus bergamot flavour. The bergamot is blended in slowly and left to rest so the resulting infusion in the cup has warm notes that are soft and diffuse into the palate.
  • Ingredients
      Black tea, natural bergamot oil, cornflower petals. Bergamot oil comes from a small citrus grown in Italy (first press and cold pressed), lending its distinctive aroma to this traditional estate black tea.
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