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Organic Jasmine Pearl

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  • 3059
  • Heady jasmine blossom.
  • Medium character, rare finesse.
  • High antioxidants and low caffeine.
A true white tea, hand-picked, hand-selected, meticulously perfumed, and then sorted twice (by size) in the mountainous Fuding, Fujian Province.
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Organic Jasmine Pearl

1 Tsp per
Teacup (8 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

Scented seven times in the imperial custom, this premier grade of white tea, comprised entirely of the finest fragrant handpicked top leaves and buds, is covered with silvery white down. Its composition is both white and light green leaves with exquisite subtle cup. A few of leaves are selected and deftly hand-rolled into a tight pearl, sealing the sweet scent deep within the leaves.

The jasmine blossoms are picked at dawn when the petals are still tightly closed. The scenting is done in the cool of the evening when the blossoms open, releasing their intoxicating scent. The blossoms are heaped in piles next to the drying tealeaves, which absorb the fragrance of the jasmine. This process is repeated up to seven times for the most prized jasmine teas.

When submerged in hot water, these hand-rolled fragrant pearls unfurl seductively in your cup, releasing their enchanting jasmine perfume. The rolled shape helps prevent oxidation (loss of precious essential oils and flavors) and ensures longer optimal maturation. Make in a glass teapot for optimum enjoyment. Best made with reverse osmosis water (with low mineral content) to appreciate the soft-mouth feel.

This white tea can be steeped multiple times - infuse for 3 minutes, followed by a second steeping for 4 minutes 30 seconds, and subsequent steepings to taste.