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French Tea Press

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This tea press is one of the best ways to make loose tea - fundamentally due to the ability to accurately control infusion time. In addition, the high water to tea surface ratio results in a proper release of the flavour compounds and aroma. 2-Cup Dimensions: 5in x 2.75in x 2.75in | 127mm x 70mm x 70mm 4-Cup Dimensions: 5.75in x 3.25in x 3.25in | 146mm x 83mm x 83mm
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What do we use at home for loose tea and botanicals? Most of us use the aesthetic tea press to watch the beautiful unfurling of leaves coaxed open by swirling hot water. The ultimate equilibrium of form and function, this creative design satisfies both voyeurism and taste with its view of the uninhibited embrace between swirling water and dancing tealeaves.

Do not use for coffee and tea (coffee leaves an oily residue which will coat the mesh screen and flavor your tea).