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English Breakfast

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  • Sweet and malty.
  • Rich, full-bodied, and brisk.
  • High health and high caffeine.
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One of the world's favourite morning teas, English Breakfast blends complex malty Indian and copper-liquor Ceylon teas with the brightness of a China keemun.
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Make The Perfect Cup Of

English Breakfast

1 Bag per
Two Cups (16 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

Dawn. A subtle bird's chorus gathers. Fresh garden scents mingle with fading dreams. The kettle boils and I anticipate the rich aroma of my first cup of tea. I open my eyes to a day full of promise.

When tea replaced ale as the favoured beverage at the breakfast table, it was an unblended China Keemun that was drunk.Respectful of the heritage of the original English Breakfast blend, our blenders work primarily with second flush black teas from China, India and Sri Lanka. Each of these origin teas contribute specific palate notes - Keemun (bright character), India (full-body, malty) and Ceylon (brilliant copper liquor).

Thousands of hours of innovation and our Master Blenders' time have gone into making the most basic of all teas into this artisan blended English Breakfast. Our approach is to produce a connoisseur version of this classical tea - made with great passion in small batches. The result is an intensely flavoured black tea that showcases the great complexity that is found in fully-fermented teas; full-bodied, complex, and elegant.

Double-chambered to allow for the most flavorful infusion from individually cut leaves.