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BC Forestea

  • N
  • 3527
  • Sweet, tarry, alluring overtones.
  • Full-bodied and subtle smokiness.
  • High energy and high caffeine.
First blended for the Canadian chefs competing in Bocuse d'Or, this is a hallmark tea pioneered in Canada, seen as a groundbreaking innovation in smoked-infused tea tradition.
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    16g | 0.56oz
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    100g | 3.53oz
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BC Forestea

1 Tsp per
Teacup (8 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

The path zigzagged along the ocean’s edge, crossing slippery limestone shelves, and skirting around the deep chasms carved out by the relentless waves over the years. From time to time, the path led inland through close, dripping underbrush, the massive cedar trees providing momentary shelter from the lashing wind, the angry roar of the ocean always just at our heels.

After hours of slipping and sliding, hunkered inwards against the wind and the rain, we arrived at a small wooden cabin, barely discernable in the dusk. A small fire burning in the hearth gave off a pungent, sweet smoke. As hot cups of tea were passed around, a feeling of absolute contentedness displaced the growl of the storm.

First blended for the chefs competing for Team Canada in Bocuse D’Or, this tea pays homage to the historical classic, Lapsang Souchong: the first internationally traded black tea.

To bring the classic Lapsang Souchong to an extraordinary level, BC Forestea came to fruition through the art of blending: creating harmony between a high-grade Chinese tea like Yunnan, with inherent soft smoky notes and woods from our origin, the vast forests of British Columbia. The Master Blender is part of the slow, small batch hand-smoking process. With alder wood as the dominant note, the palate is supplemented with cherry wood and oak broken down from whiskey casks.

This connoisseur's tea, born of an appreciation for a smoky palate, is prized by leading chefs of the world for infusing dishes with full, smooth peat-smoke and earthy character. This blend is one of the rare, collectible teas that can be aged with careful control of humidity and temperature.

BC Forestea Ramen