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Vanilla Earl Grey


Vanilla Earl Grey

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Vanilla Earl Grey

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  • Description
    Madagascar vanilla beans sweeten this culinary Earl Grey while lending a creamy full body and an exquisite lingering finish.
  • Palate
    Aroma: Sweet and floral perfume.
    Palate: Light and flowery with a smooth body.
    Notes: High energy and high caffeine.
    Our Master Blender has taken a ubiquitous blend and given it a modern, yet oddly familiar, twist resulting in a decadent tea with soothing undertones. The sweetness of the vanilla enhances the smooth flavour of the tealeaves, providing the drinker with a truly comforting cup of tea.
  • Ingredients
      Black tea, natural bergamot oil, Madagascar vanilla flavors, flower petals.

      The type of bergamot oil used in an Earl Grey blend makes an immense difference. Natural bergamot essential oil has a more subtle, but well-defined, flavour with zest and a genuine citrus intensity; conversely, synthetic bergamot is more one-dimensional, having a tendency to taste timid in the cup. The former is what we have always chosen to use at TEALEAVES.Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron, as there is extensive labour required to grow the seed pods. Despite this setback (or perhaps because of it), it is highly valued for its flavour, and is widely used in both the commercial and domestic spheres in baking, perfumeries, and aromatherapy. Here, vanilla adds roundness and rich character to the citrus appeal from the oil of bergamot present in our Earl Grey blends.
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