Genmai Cha


Genmai Cha

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Genmai Cha

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  • Description
    A blend of toasted rice, roasted barley, and green tealeaves, Genmai Cha is a good example of the ancient method of flavouring tea. During the roasting process, a few grains of the rice pop, resembling popcorn.
  • Palate
    Aroma: Toasty and refreshing.
    Palate: Sweet, mild with grassy vegetal essence.
    Notes: High antioxidants and low caffeine.
    In this eminent blend, the nutty taste of the rice and barley goes well with the fresh flavour of our top-grade, blended Sencha (1st flush or "shincha" new tea), resulting in a savoury infusion that is a perfect complement to sushi and other Japanese cuisine. Also great as a marinade for goat's cheese to be added into salads.
  • Ingredients
      Estate green tea with puffed and roasted barley.

      We blend Genmai Cha to be light on barley and rice to ensure the underlying palate of the sencha green tea dominates, with only top notes of barley to complement the green character. Lower quality versions of Genmai Cha will tend to use low-quality Sencha (or Bancha) and high proportion of barley and rice.
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