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Chamomile Flowers

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  • Soft, smooth, and apple-like.
  • Delicate and floral with lingering aftertaste.
  • High health and caffeine free.
I was told the spice bazaar would have a cure for my malaise. There, a wise herbal merchant sold me a few golden flowers. Later, sipping the infusion, I felt calm and well. Now, I look to my teapot when my spirits need a lift.
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Make The Perfect Cup Of

Chamomile Flowers

1 Bag per
Two Cups (16 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

A tranquil and calming herbal infusion of sweet and apple-fragrant golden chamomile blossoms harvested from the fertile plains in the Nile Valley of Egypt.

Probably the most popular herbal tea, Chamomile has a long history in folk medicine, dating back to ancient Egypt when it was used to treat malaria. Medieval Germans drank Chamomile tea to relieve indigestion. Chamomile has an apple-like floral taste, a sweet fragrance, and makes a gentle sedative.

"I have used your teas in many dishes over the years. I have a wood-smoked lamb rack with the chamomile tea, and have used the peppermint in soups and dressings." - ICON Mark Hagan

Double-chambered to allow for the most flavorful infusion from individually cut leaves.