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Afternoon Tea Blend

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  • 3521
  • Floral and soft.
  • Rich with floral overtones and a dry finish.
  • High energy and medium caffeine.
A refined blend, paying tribute to the tradition of drinking bold black teas balanced with floral notes from jasmine green tea. The main character comes from malty Assam and high-elevation Darjeeling muscatel character. The resulting palate is nuanced and timeless.
  • 8 Cups
    16g | 0.56oz
  • 50 Cups
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  • 200 Cups
    400g | 14.1oz

Make The Perfect Cup Of

Afternoon Tea Blend

1 Tsp per
Teacup (8 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

Our Afternoon Tea blend is the perfect reason to plan an old-fashioned tea party! A tribute to the great tradition created by the Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Stanhope, the strong flavor of the black tea is balanced with the effortless primness of the greens. Just perfect with petit fours, savory treats, or a scone at four o'clock or whenever time allows.

This blend is delicious and perfect for the afternoon, with its rich taste and low caffeine content. Sure to become a daily favorite, the aim is to complement, rather than mask, the delicate flavour of the afternoon tea meal, so try this blend with light sandwiches or a few scones at the tea table!