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Golden Old Bamboo Zhen Chasen (Matcha Whisk)

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Skillfully hand carved by a master craftsman, this traditional Japanese style chasen (matcha whisk) uses golden bamboo, carefully aged for up to 100 years. The hosaki (prongs) create the perfect layer of delicate foam atop a bowl of matcha green tea.

Chasen naoshi (whisk holder) can be purchased separately here
  • Golden Old Bamboo Zhen Chasen

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To create your perfect bowl of matcha, read 'Chado [A Daily Ritual]' and watch below for an introduction to this ancient practice.

This incredibly special chasen was made by a reputed whisk crafter who apprenticed under Mr. Chen Jian, a well-known master craftsman from Zhejiang province in China. Having started making whisks at the age of 16 after falling in love with the art, he learned the art over years of apprenticeship and experience. Due to the exquisite quality of the materials used in this whisk, this chasen is traditionally used only in important provincial Matcha ceremonies in Japan, whereas the golden bamboo is used for more common purposes.

The rare old golden bamboo used in this whisk can only be sourced in the remote minority in China in Yunnan. The minority uses this old golden bamboo above their kitchen oven to cook their daily food, giving the whisk the light smoked aroma. The old bamboo, aged for over 100 years, is made stronger and more flexible in quality through the smoking.

Chado, the Japanese Tea ceremony, is an intricate practice revolving around the four principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. In this process, matcha green tea and matcha tea utensils play equally crucial roles.