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Mesh Spoon Infuser

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The stainless steel Mesh Spoon Infuser is an ideal tool for preparing great loose tea in a hurry. Scoop a small amount of loose tea directly from the tin and steep it in the teapot or cup. Spoon Handle Length: 5.5in | 140mm Mesh Infuser Diameter: 1.93in | 49mm
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This infuser is perfect for preparing one serving of loose tea.

01 Fill teacup or pot with hot water
02 Measure the amount of loose needed for a single serving
03 Open and close the infuser ball by squeezing the spring handle attached
04 Fill half of the infuser with your favorite tea to allow for the tealeaves to fully expand while brewing, and close
05 Place into your cup or teapot, and steep according to your tea’s instructions
06 Remove the infuser and enjoy!