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Jetlag Therapy Mini Gift Set

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Stay awake with a cup of Energy and fall asleep with a cup of Relax.

‘Blow away’ the concept of time with the @tealeavesco Jetlag Therapy Gift Set, blended to help counteract the negative mental and physical toll of jet lag. Where will you take your #JetlagTherapy??
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In the late 90’s, TEALEAVES’ 13 founders set on a voyage across time zones to share their gourmet teas across the world of five-star hospitality. But, what would help them on this quest? This @tealeavesco#JetlagTherapy kit fights the effects of jet lag and, like the brand, has been a best kept secret for those in-the-know.

Originally crafted for us, perfected for you. Where will you take your #JetlagTherapy kit?

Designed with weary travelers in mind, this kit contains:

Energy Jetlag AM Therapy: contains yerba mate, which energizes the body and mind while boosting the immune system; face the day refreshed and energized
Relax Jetlag PM Therapy: contains valerian root to encourage rest & recovery, helps travelers sleep while boosting immunity; feel at peace before escaping into deep slumber

Amazing adventures await you in your dreams and in reality in this distant land. Time flies but no time is wasted.

Large box includes: a tin of Jetlag AM - Energy and a foil pouch of
Jetlag PM - Relax, along with a stainless steel infuser.

Small box includes: a foil pouch of Jetlag AM - Energy and a foil pouch of
Jetlag PM - Relax, along with a double handle strainer.