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The Grey Collection Gift Set

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Feel yourself uplifted by the intoxicating scent of bergamot and its magical infusion with black tea. Perfect for the Earl Grey lover in your life, this collection contains our two signatures from the Earl Grey Collection.

Includes: Lavender Earl Grey and Russian Earl Grey.
  • The Grey Collection

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Organic Lavender Earl Grey Entering the house, I am greeted by an enticing aroma. It beckons me to the kitchen where the table is set for tea and clouds of lavender-scented steam is wafting from the teapot. I breathe in deeply, the soothing aroma refreshing my spirits.

Russian Earl Grey During the 17th century, tea was carried to Russia along with other luxuries from China via camel caravans over the Gobi Desert. These Russian caravan teas inspired the custom of taking tea with a slice of lemon, initially done to brighten the dusty flavour of the well-traveled tea. This custom evolved into a Russian appreciation for teas with a citrus character.

Large box includes: a tin of our Lavender Earl Grey and a foil pouch of our Russian Earl Grey, along with a stainless steel infuser.

Small box includes: a foil pouch of Lavender Earl Grey and a foil pouch of Russian Earl Grey, along with a double handle strainer.