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The Holiday Season Collection

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The perfect holiday collection of our favourite seasonal teas. Sure to get even the Grinchiest of your friends in the holiday spirit.

Includes:Winter Escape, The Nutcracker, Gingerbread House
  • 3 Tin Black Gift Box


Winter Escape Your mind drifts as warmth seeps into your bones. Beside the perfect fireside retreat on a frosty day, you indulge your senses with uplifting peppermint and heartening cocoa. Now fully prepared to be whisked away in a reverie, you succumb to your eyelids desire to close. Winter never felt so good.

The Nutcracker Every child has a fondness for magical tales. The story of the gallant nutcracker who becomes a prince…the essence of wonder told in one of the world’s favorite ballets is captured in this enchanting blend. Be carried away by the magic of dreams, the charm of Tchaikovsky’s melodies, and the delight of hazelnut.

Gingerbread House As the newly fallen snow transforms the world into a crisp canvas, your footprints mark the trail less traveled. The warm glow of the fireplace flickers welcome to you as you approach. Wafts of fresh baked gingerbread greet your Rudolph nose. Promises of warmth and comfort are only steps away.