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Floral Jasmine Green

  • N
  • 5006
  • Sweet and lingering.
  • Sweet, lively character.
  • High antioxidants and low caffeine.
Our Floral Jasmine Green tea features fresh, mellow overtones with a slightly astringent finish. Also makes a wonderful iced tea when brightened with a twist of fresh lemon.
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    20g | 0.71oz
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  • 200 Cups
    400g | 14.1oz

Make The Perfect Cup Of

Floral Jasmine Green

1 Tsp per
Teacup (8 oz)
drink plain
Leaves Fire Time Final Touches

Blend Story

This blend consists of precious spring harvest twisted-leaf green tea, selected for its medium-tannic notes and delicately scented with golden jasmine blossoms of the first perfume to encourage reflection, awareness, and Zen contemplation. Jasmine flowers are not retained in the blend, as they are tasteless after releasing their scent.

One of the best known of China teas, Jasmine did not enjoy an auspicious beginning. Originating in the Song Dynasty, the jasmine plant was first brought to China from Persia and grown in high-elevation gardens in the mountains of Fujian Province, China. During the Song Dynasty, the flavour and aroma of inferior quality teas were deceitfully improved upon with the addition of other substances such as flowers. It did, however, become quite popular during the Ming Dynasty to add flowers such as gardenias, roses, orchids, and lotus, plum, and jasmine blossoms to one’s tea.

Flowers are picked at dawn while the petals are still tightly closed and kept chilled until the early evening, when the flowers are mixed with the tealeaves, open and release their fragrance - which is then absorbed by the green tea. Whole blossoms are often added later for visual presentation only.