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I tried your tea at a hotel or restaurant, where can I purchase some for personal consumption?

Our teas represent the best of the garden harvests, and keeping these teas absolutely fresh and in top condition will ensure you taste every nuance and complexity originally found at the garden or in our blending centre. Due to the stringent storage requirements for our products, we typically do not retail our blends.

We recommend ordering Tealeaves products directly through our website. Occasionally our wholesale clients will choose to offer teas for retail through their gift shops or spas. Please contact our clients directly to confirm on their retail offerings and prices. For further inquiries, please contact any of our customer service associates Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST, excluding holidays, at mailorder@tealeaves.com.

Can I send the package as a gift?

We are unable to accommodate gift notes at this time.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Gift wrapping is currently not available. Please visit us regularly at our website for updates on gift wrapping and future promotions.

Do you have gift cards?

Gift cards are currently not available, but please stay tuned for new and exciting options and products on our website.

I forgot my password

Please go to our 'Forgot Password' page and follow the prompts.

Shipping Times and Rates

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Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, please allow approximately 12 to 14 days for delivery via USPS or Canada Post.

Do you ship to APO's and FPO's?

Yes, please allow approximately 12 to 14 days for delivery via USPS or Canada Post.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an automated email notification which will include your tracking number.

Do I have to provide a signature to receive a product?

No signature will be required on your order unless otherwise specified. We may add the option of a required signature for large orders at our discretion. If you wish to request for a signature upon delivery, please kindly leave a comment along with your order.

What if I am not home when Fedex delivers my order?

If you are not home to receive the package, FedEx will safe-drop the order in a safe, dry place out of sight. If a signature is required and you are not home to accept the package, FedEx will make three delivery attempts in total; after the third attempt, FedEx will re-direct the package back to our warehouse. For our Canadian customers, Canada Post will leave a card on your front door or post box, and will advise where the order may be picked up.

Do you accept returns on tea?

Due to our Food Safety Quality Control program and insurance regulations, we are unable to accept returns of any food products. Tea and other consumable botanicals are considered food products; therefore we are not able to accept any returns on tea due to possible food contamination.

PLEASE NOTE: shipping is non-refundable on any orders.

Please kindly review and confirm your order before completing payment. If you are not satisfied for any other reason, please contact our office directly at 1-888-291-TEAS (8327).


Are funds in U.S. or Canadian Dollars?

We offer our customers the option to process transactions in both U.S. and Canadian dollars, determined automatically based on your geographical location. Please note the location on the top-right corner of the page and select your preferred country.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Is your website secure?

Our website is secured by thawte™digital encryption. thawte is a Verisign, Inc. owned company. Visit www.thawte.com for more information.

Product Details

Why are some teas labeled as weighing 1,76 OZ or 2.82 OZ and some as 3.52 OZ?

Each tin is packed as full as possible with tea, and all the tins are the same size and volume. It is easier to fit more of the smaller-cut tealeaves into the tin, bringing the total weight up to 3.52 oz. Some blends contain larger or lighter leaves or herbs like chamomile, which will take up more space in the tin and therefore the full tin will weigh less. Weights are not important - the key is that one teaspoon of loose tea will make a nice, strong cup of tea, regardless of weight. It is the volume of tea that determines how many cups you will be able to brew. Therefore every small tin contains enough tea to brew 40-50 cups.

Are your teas gluten free?

Generally speaking, gluten is not present in the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) or in herbs. There is always a very small possibility of cross-contamination somewhere along the food supply chain at the garden level. However, in all of our lot tests, we do not see any evidence of any gluten.

How are you addressing the radiation problem in Japan?

In light of the ​2011 tragedy in Japan, we have instituted radiation testing on Japanese green teas fr​om​ the 201​1 harvest​ onwards​, and if necessary, Taiwanese and Chinese teas. All of our teas are third-party tested based on stringent International EU standards as to herbicide, pesticide, mold, salmonella, etc. Adding radiation testing is part of our Total Quality Management and foodsafe hazard control practices.

Are your teas certified Kosher?

No, our teas are not certified Kosher.

Are your teas organic?

You can find a selection of our organic loose tea blends under the ORGANIC category, and the organic teabags in our Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabags line. Organic teas are good for you - but they are generally not from the top gardens (top gardens have the best tea and numerous buyers... they have no need to go 'organic' as a marketing device - they easily sell all the tea they grow for top dollar). Most organic teas are still grown from gardens that are average/above-average, and we are committed to sourcing from the best.

Are your teas fair trade?

A Fair Trade Certificate is more commonly used for the mainstream mass market because they are buying average quality - where quantity trumps quality. In these cases, the gardens are pressured to lower costs (by paying their workers less). Fair trade is a worthy cause and worth supporting - but not really a high-end market application.

How long will my tea last?

To ensure your loose tea stays fresh after it has been opened, please:

1. Keep it in Tealeaves' food-safe storage tins, with the lid tightly closed.

2. Keep it away from direct heat and sun, best kept in a cool location.

3. Keep the tea away from spices, strong aromas, etc. to prevent scent absorption.

If you follow most to all of the above, your tea can continue to stay fresh for up to 1 year. It is important to follow storage directions in order to preserve the flavor and quality of your loose tea. Our teabags are packed with tealeaves rich in essential oils, and individually wrapped using a four layer water-resistant foil structure in order to ensure optimum freshness and the finest aroma and flavor. Perfect for travel!

Can I request for my tea to be shipped without the tin?

In order to protect the high-quality, delicate tea leaves in transit and to ensure the intended avour palate is preserved in the infusion, all of our teas are hand-packaged into complimentary foodsafe tins for maximum freshness and protection in shipping and storage.

There is no additional charge for the tins, and all of our tins are sprayed with a foodsafe coating (so you can store spices, grains, sugar, etc. in them if you like). If you do not wish to keep them, our tins are fully recyclable and can be put out in your regular blue box.

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