Matcha Latte

Earthy matcha and warm milk

Pear Tree Green-Infused Sake

Crisp and sweet pears add sweetness to floral notes of sake

Masala Chai Creations

Chaipuccino, Eggnog Chai, Mocha Chai and Naughty Chai

Four Seasons Sour

Four Seasons Hong Kong tea-infused bourbon sour

From Farm to Tidal

Dungeness crab with garlic aioli and Organic Peppermint-infused granita

Easter Family Brunch Punch

Two ways to use our refreshing iced tea for spiked punch

Nyangbo Russian Earl Grey Custard

A special occasion dessert recipe

Fall Awakening

Long Life Green, quinoa crumble and roasted pear

Seeing Scarlet

Imperial Oolong Panna Cotta, Asian pear and pomegranate

Breakfast on the Coast

English Breakfast ganache, blueberry compote and crème anglaise

Le Chai

Monsoon Chai ganache, lychee sorbet and black locust flowers

Fountain of Youth

A champagne cocktail with Mad Hatter's Tea Party & Meyer lemon