The Crackatook

Sip yourself into the origins of the Nutcracker

Nutcracker Crème Brûlée

A sweet crème brûlée infused with rich Nutcracker tea

Nutcracker Gelato

Smooth and creamy, the Nutcracker gelato is brought to life with rich hazelnut and citrus


Delicate tuile rests atop a sweet hazelnut cake

How to Rapid Infuse with a Vacuum Siphon

Easily infuse alcohol with tea, by mastering the rapid infusion technique using the vacuum siphon

Queensborough Gin Fizz

Learn how to create a quick and easy gin fizz with tea-infused alcohol

Brined Pork with Green Mustard and Pickled Apples

Savory pork flavored with Nutcracker tea

Cold Vice Versa Baked Donut

Try these tea “donuts” made with liquid nitrogen for a light and chewy texture

Nutty Professor

Poached pears, brandy and hazelnut are the perfect holiday drink

Sugar Plum Fairy Cocktail

Sugar Plum Fairy dances amongst sparkling champagne and pomegranate

Nutcracker Crémeux with Juniper Ice Cream

Roasted juniper and Nutcracker tea bring memories of hot chocolate by a crackling fire

The Nutcracker

Tea-infused mousse atop a caramel sponge cake