Mid-Autumnal Oolongs

Four Grades of Oolongs Perfect for Mooncakes

How To: Matcha

Transformation of a practice into an art begins with a step-by-step process.

Chado [The Japanese Way of Tea]

One of the most beautiful aspects of the world of tea is found within Chado. At Tealeaves, we are guided by these principles of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

Tea Connoisseur’s Tasting Guide

Train your taste buds! Learn how to evaluate the quality of the tea you’re drinking in the same way our Master Blender does.

Mate: A South American Chimarrão Tea Party

The Brazilian way of drinking yerba mate is a meaningful social ritual. Prepared in the cuia and sipped from the bomba.


Learn the art of making Oolong teas in authentic Asian fashion. All you need is you, a Yixing set and your favourite oolong tea.

A Russian Tea Samovar Story

How to drink tea in the historic Russian tradition: sugar cubes, spoonful of jam, famous Lomonosov teacups and handmade Tula samovars.