5 Centimeters a Second

A light and floral sour, the name depicts the rate at which a cherry blossom dances and swirls to the ground.

Midori Kokonattsu

A delightful pairing of coconut and matcha make for the perfect balance of savoury and sweet.

Sakura Sidecar

A cocktail celebrating the ephemeral beauty of the cherry blossoms

Lavender London Fog

Brighten your day with a Lavender London Fog

How to Rapid Infuse with a Vacuum Siphon

Easily infuse alcohol with tea, by mastering the rapid infusion technique using the vacuum siphon

Queensborough Gin Fizz

Learn how to create a quick and easy gin fizz with tea-infused alcohol

Cold Vice Versa Baked Donut

Try these tea “donuts” made with liquid nitrogen for a light and chewy texture

Christos Kalaitzis

Vancouver, BC

Bruno Feldeisen

Vancouver, BC

Alex Chen

Vancouver, BC

Edmund Wong

Las Vegas, Nevada

Samuel Ross

Snowmass Village, Colorado