Sugar Plum Fairy Tale

Smooth, fruity panna cottas and a Sugar Plum Fairy tea-infused ice cream

Dance of the Snowflakes

A delicate dance of fruity rooibos and spiced rum

Sugar Plum Cured Sturgeon

Pickled cherries and marinated sturgeon

Salmon with Charred Leek

Slowly charred leek, Sugar Plum Fairy tea and salmon skin

Sugar Plum Fairy Cocktail

Sugar Plum Fairy dances amongst sparkling champagne and pomegranate

Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio

Jamaican Spice emulsion, complimenting a fresh dish

Lemon Verbena Iced Tea with Berry Ice Cubes

Refreshing herbal iced tea with a fruity twist

#BubblesforBosoms 2014

Our NOBO Whole Fruit with peach syrup and Absolut Hibiskus

007 Martini: Shaken, Not Stirred

Dangerous dance of Lemon Mango Tango, vodka, vermouth and pineapple

To Be Tea, Or Not to Be Tea, That is The Question

Did you know that some ‘teas’ are not really ‘teas’ at all? Join us on this journey of discovery into the mysterious world of tisanes.

Delicioso Jamaican Spice Sangria

Jamaican Spice tisane adds an exotic flair to summer sangria