Sugar Plum Fairy Tale

Smooth, fruity panna cottas and a Sugar Plum Fairy tea-infused ice cream

Dance of the Snowflakes

A delicate dance of fruity rooibos and spiced rum

Sugar Plum Cured Sturgeon

Pickled cherries and marinated sturgeon

Salmon with Charred Leek

Slowly charred leek, Sugar Plum Fairy tea and salmon skin

Sugar Plum Fairy Cocktail

Sugar Plum Fairy dances amongst sparkling champagne and pomegranate

Sugar Plum Ballerina

Chocolate pearls rest atop a pink raspberry tutu

Sugar Plum Sparkler

Fragrant Sugar Plum Fairy rooibos with its sweet red berries and hint of citrus.

Perce Neige

Light, airy and filled with a tea-infused surprise

The Grove Fairy

Whisky, apple and warm spice