“Nutcracker” Mousse & Poached Pear

Black pepper ice cream and poached pear

Nutty Professor

Poached pears, brandy and hazelnut are the perfect holiday drink

Sugar Plum Fairy Cocktail

Sugar Plum Fairy dances amongst sparkling champagne and pomegranate

Perce Neige

Light, airy and filled with a tea-infused surprise

Nutcracker Tea Gateau

Creamy mousse encased in chocolate

Almond TEA-se

Caramel swirls against hazelnut

Olivier Belliard

San Francisco, California

Joseph Trevino

Atlanta, Georgia

John Signorelli

Houston, Texas

Frank Ruidavet

Bali, Indonesia

Leon Pellicer

New York City, New York

Aaron Marcial

Punta Mita, Mexico