Ocean Breeze

Tropical seafood salad with scallops marinated in Relax

From Farm to Tidal

Dungeness crab with garlic aioli and Organic Peppermint-infused granita

Green Meditations Entrée

Long Life Green-poached lobster with parsley coulis


Energy & white chocolate mousse with poached mango and ginger


Long Life Green, cucumber, lime juice and chartreuse


Long Life Green, fresh pressed green juice and vanilla vodka

Hyde Park Haiku

Long Life Green, cucumber, Asian pear, sake and shiso

Fall Awakening

Long Life Green, quinoa crumble and roasted pear

Smooth Sophistication

Imperial Oolong, veal sweetbreads and beets

The Royal Tea

Imperial Oolong, pomegranate, Meyer lemon and honey

Seeing Scarlet

Imperial Oolong Panna Cotta, Asian pear and pomegranate

Andes Ventures

English Breakfast tea foam, king crab and purple potato causa