East Meets West

Lapsang Souchong meets Hudson Baby bourbon

Green Meditations Entrée

Long Life Green-poached lobster with parsley coulis

Teaquila Sunrise

Hawaii's take on the classic, with Mountain Berry & Patron

An English Affair

The affair of Lavender Earl Grey and absinthe, with a grapefruit twist

Golden Globes-Inspired “Chaiteani” Cocktail

A twist on the classic martini with Masala Chai, gin and honey

Golden Globes-Inspired “Silver Tea Bellini” Cocktail

Chamomile-infused gin with fresh ginger, honey and peach

Executive Chef Nick Pelliccione’s BC Forestea Ramen

BC Forestea blend adds a smoky palate to the warm, spicy broth

The Forsyte

Inspired by the Tom Collins, a Flowery Earl Grey homage

Gresham TEALEAVES Cocktail

Using pear and apricot scented custom blend, vodka and mint

Tea-Smoked Tuna

Tangerine Rooibos gelée and yuzu mayonnaise