How to Rapid Infuse with a Vacuum Siphon

Easily infuse alcohol with tea, by mastering the rapid infusion technique using the vacuum siphon

Cold Vice Versa Baked Donut

Try these tea “donuts” made with liquid nitrogen for a light and chewy texture

The Bold and the Blue-teaful

English Breakfast-infused agave, champagne and gin

Lavender Bespoke Cocktail

Earl Grey with Lavender-infused gin, ginger, acai and Amaretto liqueur

Second Spring

Peppermint, gin, elderflower liqueur and prosecco

Jetlag Fizz

Relax herbal syrup with gin, lemon and an egg white fizz

Harmony Gin Fizz

Harmony herbal syrup, with lemon, dry curaçao and mint

The Debut

Cassis tea-infused Bombay Sapphire Gin with sparkling wine


Twist on the Tom Collins: Cherry Blossom Green, gin & cranberry

An English Affair

The affair of Lavender Earl Grey and absinthe, with a grapefruit twist

Golden Globes-Inspired “Chaiteani” Cocktail

A twist on the classic martini with Masala Chai, gin and honey

Golden Globes-Inspired “Silver Tea Bellini” Cocktail

Chamomile-infused gin with fresh ginger, honey and peach