Ocean Breeze

Tropical seafood salad with scallops marinated in Relax

From Farm to Tidal

Dungeness crab with garlic aioli and Organic Peppermint-infused granita

Green Meditations Entrée

Long Life Green-poached lobster with parsley coulis

Smooth Sophistication

Imperial Oolong, veal sweetbreads and beets

Andes Ventures

English Breakfast tea foam, king crab and purple potato causa

A Purple Haze

Earl Grey with Lavender duck, roasted black quinoa and flowers

Distant Lands

Monsoon Chai bisque, brown butter-seared quail, star anise-infused quinoa and crisp abalone

Balancing Act

Chamomile Blossoms vinaigrette with Santa Barbara prawns

Celebration of Summer

Vanilla Rooibos gelée on tomato-nasturtium flower soup

Palate Jolt

Energy key lime clouds and butter-seared scallops

Executive Chef Nick Pelliccione’s BC Forestea Ramen

BC Forestea blend adds a smoky palate to the warm, spicy broth

Salmon with Gresham Tea Sauce

Custom blend created for Gresham Palace, with salmon two ways